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Pick your choice from our extensive offer. Our houses, apartments and private rooms are selected carefully! All our objects offer something particular. Convince yourself! We have been there for you and have tested the landlord’s statements personally. As a result we have depicted all objects in detail, including floor plans.

At us you find your holiday residence either with our fast Keyword Search (try terms like 'pool', 'fire place' or 'dog'), the 1-2-3-Free-Search to the right side (get immediate information about available objects) or the regional search via our Map-of-Slovenia (we present highlights and accommodations at the seaside or in the mountains).

A general hint: Please note that most objects provide additional beds and are therefore conveniant for even more persons as indicated in our tables (so if stated as 'for 4 persons' the object is ideal for 4 persons, but might possibly be equipped with one or two additional beds for up to 6 persons. Please refer to the detailed description of the object.).


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Here you can search for specific keywords.

You would like to search for specific keywords or given object names? Here you go: try any keywords as 'pool', 'garden', 'terrace', 'fireplace', 'sea', 'dog' or  'tennis' just to name a few...

Searching for objects, it is sufficient to fill in its name. For example, when looking for 'Apartment LA BELLA VISTA 2' just enter 'BELLA VISTA'. Please try it out yourself...

With city names like Portoroz, Piran or Izola, please bear in mind, also those object will be listed, that refer to these places within their descriptional texts - which need not mean, these objects to be on the spot.


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For your individual selection you can choose either the type of the accommodation, its regional locality (click for a map of Slovenia) or according to a particular topic, like winter sports or beach holiday. Just choose from the menu on the left.

If you want to find out, which objects are still freely available during your favoured time period, you should use our "1-2-3 search" right above. Just enter the preferred dates for your trip and the number of travellers; you’ll instantly get an up-to-date list of all available holiday accommodations.



Price Comparison in Overview Tables

Take a distinct look at the column titled ‘PPT’, which means the price per person and day. The valid all-inclusive-prices for the different seasons will be found on each object’s detail page. Please note that these overview lists often come in series of pages, because of the large amount of objects in a given selection. In that case, please follow the link ‘further offers’.

A small hint: prices for up to 6 single days are generally more expensive than full week prices. Hence the booking of full weeks is recommended. If you are staying less than 3 days there will be an extra charge of 30% since all indirect costs are included (i.e. bedclothes and final cleaning).