Croatia Holidays


Croatia, one thousand paradisic Islands are awaiting you…

Crystal clear water at Mljet

It is a dream with unending inspiration for your holiday. Get to know this multifarious country. Besides a continental coast of 1,778 km, there are 1,185 (!) islands belonging to Croatia, summing up the coastline to a total of 5,825 km.

Well and here they're still existing, remote bays with untouched nature and emerald green waters. They belong to the nicest spots in Europe, though some would say of the whole world. Now its up to you to convince yourself!

  • Learn about this beautyful country of Croatia at the Adriatic Sea and you will love it. Visit our gallery for a first impression. Its such a gorgeous country.
  • As you make your bed, so you must lie in it. Please have a closer look at our offer. We have selected holiday homes, apartments and rooms for you to choose from.
  • When booking via the internet, it is important for you as our guest to get informed as comprehensive as possible. We're mediating holiday homes since 2003 and we know all our landlords and objects personally. We are regionally present to check the quality of all accommodations and mediate between you and the local landlords, we're speaking the national language and provide our help even on the spot and during your stay.

    You are welcome to contact us by e-mail even for your specific requests. We'd like to answer any of your questions: individual details, questions on the Reservation Procedure or the Security Voucher. If desired, we will introduce you to the landlord in advance of your booking.

Untouched nature? Activity holidays? Relaxation at fantastic bays? Croatia offers everything!

Krka waterfalls, Foto: Peter bemsel

Croatia provides eight national reserves, counting to the particular sights of the country. The Croatian government attaches great importance of the care of flora and fauna with a remarquable programme for nature conservation. Thus tourists get the chance to visit these treasures of nature and yet to live their individual holiday as some kind of sustainable tourism.

Besides the classical beach holiday there is an exceptional offer for your activity holidays. Hiking in the croatian backland, scuba diving and snorkling in remote bays, canyoning and rafting on crystal clear rivers, these are just a fraction of the manifold opportunities which are possible in the Croatian regions.


Experience the Croatian culture...

The old town of Trogir.

You can't measure up to Croatia mentioning just two or three of its sights. Even if the country is relatively small with its population of about 4.5 million and an area of 56,538 square kilometers, you will find architectural treasures of the Romans, Illyrians and Celts. The north of the country is influenced by the Austrian-Hungarian culture, which is most notably reflected by its barroque architecture.


Looking for a special accommodation, you'll find it in Croatia…

House OBZOR, your place in the sun.

Our offer is as manifold and multi-faceted as Croatia itself. We are offering just personally selected objects, where you may enjoy your most beautiful time of the year.

Amongst these you will find reasonably priced accommodations, objects in the miountains or on an island, cottages with sea view and holiday homes in natural reserves. Just pick the best out of it...

Apartment house SANDRA on Mljet Island.
  • Comfortable luxury residence with pool for 11 persons
  • Apartments at the seaside with own tennis court
  • Apartments at the sea on Mljet Island
  • Apartments with sea view and private pool

Unnumbered Croatian accommodations, holiday homes, apartments, rooms, hotels and farms are to be found in the overview to the left, sorted and each described in detail with pictures and floor plan. All objects may be directly booked online. The overview...


Beloved Adriatic Sea...

The marina at Dubrovnik.

The coastline of 5,825 km - 4,000 km alone at the islands - streches from the Istrain peninsula down to Dubrovnik, which is a UNESCO world heritage.

The pleasant and warm climate has been already valued by the ancient Romans, thus you may admire lots of Roman buildings along the entire coast. In the alleys of the coastal towns neat boutiques, galleries, coffee shops, bars and restaurants have nested themselves in ancient premises. Within this manifold and opulent gastronomic offer, everybody finds his personal oasis of ralaxation.

It's just a stone's throw to the sea from there. A nature without limitations! Be it remote bays, natural pebble beaches or flat rocks warmed by the sun, the beaches of Croatia are most beautiful and original. Every sun worshipper will find his private piece of strand.

The crystal clear water provides a view into the faultless sea world. The water temperature raises often up to 28 degrees Celsius, still enlarging the joy of bathing, snorkling and diving. With a little patience you might even observe the protected species of dolphins.


Group travels at Croatia

Finest beach at the "Golden Horn".

We'd like to even help you with individually organised group, club and business travel. If you're planning an event at a natural reserve, a works outing to an island or a collegue get-together at the Adriatic Sea, your party won't have to forbear an individual and reasonable accommodation.

We are speaking the Croatian tongue and may organize multiple holiday homes and flats close to each other for your travel group. It doesn't always have to be a hotel. Please just place your request and we'll instantly answer with a suitable offer.