Booking online Slovenia


Booking Online – It’s So Easy

Relaxing right from the start...

Using the advantages of the internet, booking your holiday residence becomes easy, safe and comfortable. Just follow these step-by-step instructions:

Step 1: Get familiar with the wide range of possibilities and pick your personal choice, using the accommodations detailed descriptions, pictures and occupancy calendar (all information are up-to-date).

Step 2: For individual requests, please get in touch with our helpful travel advisors, either by e-mail or by telephone.

Step 3: Book the desired object online by clicking “make a reservation” on the accommodations detail page. Regrettably, telephonic booking is not available yet.

Step 4: It takes just a few minutes to fill out the reservation form: Please tell us during which period you want to book the object. In any case, we need your name, your address and the names and dates of birth of your fellow passengers (for paying the visitor’s tax). Please check whether you’d like to request possible special extras, as bicycles, breakfast or further sleeping accommodations.

The indicated price is the complete price and contains ALL additional expenses, like electricity, water, heating, visitor’s tax and final cleaning (few cases of exception are separately indicated). We ask you to notice our conditions of contract BEFORE you submit an obligatory reservation. Afterwards please send us the filled in form of your then obligatory reservation. As part of the procedure you will be demanded to control your data again and be able to do possibly necessary changes by clicking the "Back” button. Please take particular care of a correct indication of your e-mail address, since otherwise you won’t receive further message about your reservation of us. If your data are correct, please click on submit/send. Now your reservation is obligatory.

Step 5: Shortly afterwards, you will receive a confirmation of the entrance of your reservation by e-mail and attached a security voucher as a pdf-file, which you may print out. If you should not receive an e-mail, either our e-mail was stored in your spam folder or you have entered an invalid e-mail address. In this case, please send us a normal e-mail with your correct e-mail address.

Step 6: We will check the availability of your holiday accommodation twice, directly with the landlord to exclude any double booking.

Step 7: With the landlord’s feedback we finally confirm the availability and your reservation – mostly within 24 hours or even earlier.

Step 8: With the reservation confirmation we ask you to transfer 10 till 30% of the total price as pre-payment to our account (information by mail). PayPal transfer is accepted. Only in special exceptional cases the payment of a deposit, which is returned to your journey after conclusion, is due then (if so, we’ll inform you separately by e-mail).

Step 9: We highly recommend to effect travel insurance for your trip – there are reasonably priced insurance companies, which offer their services online as well. We made just the best experiences with TravelSecure.

Step 10: Again we’ll acknowledge receipt of your deposit by e-mail, this time including name, address and contact dates of the landlord. Also attached: directions and a location plan in detail.

Step 11: Not later than 21 days before your journey, you are demanded to remit the balance.

Step 12: Exceptionally, i.e. in case of short-term bookings, payments can be directed to the landlord on the ground. In any cases, this has to be checked in advance with us and the landlord as well. Please mind, that landlords usually accept only cash, no credit cards.

Step 13: Shortly before your trip you’ll receive further information and hints for travel destination from us.

Step 14: Make a hardcopy of our reservation confirmation, the directions and the contact data of the landlord and have it at hand on the day of arrival. It is always advisable to contact the landlord two hours before reaching the destination.

Step 15: In case you’ll need support during your stay, we’re at your disposal and just a telephone call away (we’re even speaking local tongue, if needed).

Step 16: Following your surely recreational and inspiring vacation, some days after your return, we will ask you by e-mail for your opinion. Please help us with your feedback to strengthen and develop our high quality standard. With your permission, we’d like to publish your feedback in our guest book.

Step 17: If you enjoyed your holiday home, please recommend our services to relatives, friends and colleagues and return for further visits of Slovenia. There’s so much to discover…