Your Advantage: Holidays Right From the Start


Your Advantage: Holidays Right From the Start

Benefit 1: Our rates are all-inclusive-prices, including visitor’s tax, costs for electricity, water, bed clothing and towels, final cleaning and all side costs (exceptions are explicitly marked). There’s only ONE price and NULL surprise.

Benefit 2: We know all landlords personally, we have visited and checked all houses, apartments and rooms beforehand, documenting and taking pictures to detail.  We are accounting for the reliability of the presented facts.

Benefit 3: We’re arbitrating between you as a guest and the Slovenian landlord. We’re not just handing over the landlord’s telephone number; not at all! Since we are familiar with the local language and customs, of course we are checking all necessities for you in advance.

Benefit 4: With us, you can really make your reservation INSTANTLY and will receive confirmation mostly within 24 hours. Hence booking is easy and binding for the parties thereto – that’s guaranteed.

Benefit 5: We TAKE CARE even of the small details to disburden our guest right from the start. Whether you need an additional bed or a child seat, or you have a particular request to the interior or the location of a holiday home, we would like to manage it for you. Without any additional costs!

Benefit 6: There are NO strictly fixed days for your arrival – as many travel agencies accept only Saturdays or Sundays. Here you just pick your choice from any object’s occupancy calendar, which are always well-kept and up-to-date.

Benefit 7: We are ALWAYS there for you, 7 days a week, around the clock. We have no standard office times, rather we are pleased to service even at the weekend. So just relax and let your holiday start right here with us.